Seoul, Usadan-ro 10-gil
Styled with the pieces from Andersson Bell, Supreme, Stone island,
Thrasher, Saint laurent, Levis, Carhartt, Salomon, Gentle monster.
Photographer : Dohun Kim
                         Kyuhu Kang
Stylist : Sangwook Park
Hair & Make up : Nayeon Kim
Model : Anna
              Daniel Oh
Contrary to the current atmosphere of 2018,
this street has the look of the 70-80s bustle.
It is a street which represents the modern age,
is a home to countless artists, and carries a distict retro vibe.

Usadan-ro 10-gil has residents of many different cultures.
When walking through the area,
one can experience a uniqe lively feel from the signs,
posters and so on.
This editorial has the aim to convey
an exciting mixture of Andersson Bell
items with other brands,
inspired by the culturally and artistically
diverse street of Usadan-ro 10-gil.