Never Mind
the Bollocks
Here's The
Sex Pistols
Special Limited Edition
Andersson Bell X Bravado
and The Sex Pistols
Photography : Andrew Nuding
Styling : Yeon You
A young generation overflowing with passion and defiance, transcended cultures
with the explosive Punk movement in the 1970s. The key role-player became no other
than the Sex Pistols.

British rock music of the 70s settled with the mainstream and earned a major position
in the business. In the midst of the emerged capitalistic music industry,
Punk was the uncompromising voice for rebellious spirits against an older generation.
At last, the Sex Pistols established the punk culture once
and for all with merely one full album;
Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols.

The Sex Pistols are just as ever today identified as the definition of Punk.
Through a collaboration with this iconic artist, Andersson Bell is
visualizing and merging the Sex Pistols’ artwork
into t-shirts, hats, tote bags and badges.
Simon John Ritchie
(10 May 1957 - 2 February 1979)
I'll die before I'm 25,
and when do I do I'll have lived
the way I wanted to
Undermine their pompous authority,
reject their moral standards, make
anarchy and disorder your trademarks.
Cause as much chaos and disruption
as possible but don't let them
take you alive
My words are my bullets
Do what I want, be honest to myself
and then it would do good for others,
that's all.